Why I was looking for a vehicle

The simple answer is KIDS. My oldest son is away at college and needs a vehicle. My youngest son is at home but commutes to school. I got a great deal from a friend a few years ago on a Kia Sorento. Luckily, it came with running boards and grill guards. Over the past few years, young boys did what young boys do and that’s run into things. After all those pieces were damaged and removed, the vehicle was great and the boys have learned to be better drivers. My oldest son had this vehicle at school as he lives several hours north of us and experiences a lot more snow. On a cold and snowy February night, while driving home, he lost traction and skidded into a tree. The front driver’s side took all the damage. The vehicle was still drivable and my son drove it the last block home. Yes, he was one block from home when the accident occurred. Most importantly; however, he was uninjured. I expected insurance to repair the vehicle but the cost to repair a nearly 10 year old vehicle would have been more than it was worth. So we took the payout and started the search for another vehicle.