The Perfect Search Strategy

The search began rather haphazardly by perusing through Craigslist and talking amongst family members about what we wanted. As this vehicle was going to be used for student transportation, we thought it would be best to find one with better gas mileage than the Sorento. So the first thing we decided on was better gas mileage. This also meant a smaller, non suv vehicle. Sedans came to mind and so I started looking at Accord’s, Camry’s, Altima’s, Mazda 6’s and similar vehicles. Prices seemed a bit higher than the funds I had available so I also looked at Corolla’s, Civic’s, Mazda 3’s and Protege’s. Now we were getting somewhere. Prices started to look good as I was aiming to spend no more than $5,000.
Having owned numerous Honda’s over the years, I knew that the timing belt must be changed by about 130,000 miles. So finding a vehicle with maintenance records and a new timing belt were important. That led me to look for a vehicle with only one owner.
So my search strategy became looking for a one owner, compact sedan, with maintenance records, recent timing belt change, good gas mileage, and obviously clean, smoke free, and in relatively good condition. Now to the hunt!