First Contact

I’ll admit that the details are getting a little fuzzy. Writing isn’t something I like to do. I’ve resisted pushing through with this project; but here goes. I reached out via text to arrange a meeting. I believe it was a Monday. The seller responded pretty quickly via phone. I asked a few questions about the vehicle and why he was selling it. He said he had just been hired by Boeing and was receiving a company vehicle. He told me that he and his wife had bought it new and at one point took it on a trip to South Carolina where it drove like a dream. I specifically asked about having the timing belt changed since I knew that it is recommended at about 125,000 miles. I was given assurances that it had been recently replaced. I asked about receiving the maintenance records as well. The seller said he would bring them with him if we meet. We arranged to meet on Wednesday about 5pm at a McDonald’s in Collinsville IL. This was the community where the seller said he lived. At the conclusion of the call he emphasized that he would only accept cash. I was fine with this. So at this point I felt comfortable with the upcoming appointment.