Hello At Risk Car Shoppers

YES!  I fell for a Craigslist Scam.  I lost thousands of dollars when I purchased a used car.  I thought I was doing right and proceeding cautiously but made a number of mistakes during the buying process only to find out later that nearly  everything about the car and the seller was a lie.  While I could use this blog to eviscerate the seller, I have instead decided to create this blog to deconstruct the entire transaction; an autopsy if you will, in order to learn from what happened and provide these learning’s to the public at large to, hopefully, prevent others from being scammed like I was.  I’m not blameless.  I allowed myself to make a number of mistakes, and will highlight those as the story unfolds.

In the coming days and weeks, I will review:

  1. Why I was looking for a used vehicle
  2. The strategy I thought would lead me to the perfect vehicle
  3. Finding the perfect Craigslist Ad
  4. First Contact
  5. Second Contact, and how the scammer knew he had me
  6. The meeting, test drive, and transaction
  7. Registration, and when the scam came to light
  8. How bad is the vehicle
  9. Retribution lost
  10. Moving on
  11. And a recap of the lessons learned

I hope you check in periodically, as I conduct this autopsy, to help you avoid being scammed.